Machinery Blog: Weima Briquette Press C-Series & TH-Series

Weima America offers a wide range of briquette presses to compact dust, shavings, and chips which often create waste steam around the work place. A volume reduction of up to 90% is possible through the briquetting process of all materials. This reduction in volume represents significant cost savings on labor, disposal, and storage costs. With the C-Series and TH-Series briquette presses, your shop will be as clean as it’s ever been.

The control panel’s automatic/service mode and being pre-wired for easy install makes the operating and installing this machine the easiest it’s ever been. Along with an opening sealed access window for pressurized systems, automatic briquette length adjustment, and a wear sleeve with a chamber designed for long term use, the C-Series and TH-Series make the process of briquetting much easier.

Briquette Diameter: 2″, 2.4″, 2.8″, & 3″
Hydraulic Oil Quantity: 26.5g, 42g, 66g, & 132g
Hydraulic Motor: 9hp, 12hp, 18hp, & 35hp
Weight: 1760 lbs, 2094 lbs, 2205 lbs, 2425 lbs, 2866 lbs, & 3858 lbs