Machinery Blog: CR Onsrud X-Series

With more and more great machinery coming out of CR Onsrud, its safe to say that the X-Series is up to par with the rest of it’s bothering machines and an industry standard for Linear profiling machines. CR Onsrud’s new X-Seris is the solution for linear profile machining of heavy and complex extrusions. Five sided machining, a large capacity sawblade, and programmable clamping system, capable of part indexing, complete the most versatile solution available. With modular design, extended machine lengths are available. Designed, engineered and made in America, CR Onsrud has the level of reliability and customer support demanded by the industry. The future is here, call us today about this great machine!

Spindle: 24HP / 24,000 rpm
Control: FANUC 0i
Tool Management: 12 Position Rotary
Scrap Handling: Chip PAN
Material Handling: Servo Positioned Clamps