Machinery Blog: CR Onsrud M series

The CR Onsrud M series is a best-in-class CNC platform designed to maximize production with a range of features that set it apart from other CNC’s. Coming in four different sizes; 97M, 121M, 145M, 3100M, and 4100M, this machine offers the versatility to fit into your shop and immediately make a difference!

M-Series Featues:
Spindle: 12HP – 24,000 rpm
Control: FANUC 0i, Osai Top 5
Tool Management: 97M: 10-Pos. Rack 121M and up: 12-Pos. Rack
Material Control: Vacuum Control
Material Handling: Manual or Optional Automatic Infeeed / Outfeed system add-on

Precision, speed, and reliability is what sets the M-series apart from the competition. Along with CR Onsrud’s integration of the OSync software platform, this machine can be almost completely controlled by the user. The OSync technology give you more levels of control for your machine for more custom work, and can even be set up to send you real-time alert messages, machine productivity, and more. Superior construction and modern technology make the M-series a standout CNC in today’s marketplace.

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