Diplomat Closet Design





Our machine was down and the company we purchased from said the earliest a technician could come out was three days later. As a small business, three days would really hurt us. Luckily, we stumbled upon KP Walsh and Associates, while looking for other equipment. Kevin and his team got us up and running fast and at a reasonable price!


When the time came to upgrade equipment Kevin provided a total solution that would help us grow and evolve. He gave us personal attention, providing us pros and cons, looking three to five years down the line for our best interest and helped us choose equipment for our specific needs to handle our growing workload. Thanks to KP Walsh we have developed processes that improve productivity ten-fold and haven’t even tapped into the full capabilities of the equipment.  Even after our machine was ordered and installed KP Walsh has been here to check in and follow up!


Any woodworking business, small or large, would benefit from KP Walsh and Associates. Kevin has a wide network of people involved in the business that he has personally put me in contact with. With about 100 years’ experience between Kevin, Pete and Patty, they have seen it all and knows what it takes to be successful. KP Walsh and Associates are knowledgeable and I genuinely like doing business with them!

 – Ryan Lindstadt

Dipolmat Closet Design