Weima WLH Shredder


The horizontal single-shaft shredder series includes the Beaver, Tiger, and Leopard machines. These wood shredders are perfect for the shredding of linear wood waste. This shredder is great for turning solid wood waste into chips. The shredded material is placed into a vibratory infeed conveyor that is the same width as the machine itself. This conveyor feeds the material consistently into the shredder. Horizontal shredders are known within the wood industry and are found in many woodworking shops. In addition to its compact design, the WEIMA horizontal shredders have a low rotor speed, which helps with noise control. This makes it possible for the machine to be placed directly near the woodworking machine rather than under it for the processing of MDF and solid wood.

Model Beaver 400 Leopard 400 Leopard 600 Leopard 800
Hopper Opening (mm) 350 400 600 800
Rotor Diameter (mm)252 368 368 368
Rotor length (mm) 400 400 600 800
Power (kW) 15/18.5 22/30/37 22/30/37 30/37/45
Rotor Knives 18 22 32 44
Weight (approx. kg) 1000 1800 2400 3000
Connection Diameter (mm) 200 250/300 250/300 250/300
Screen Size (mm) 10-40 10-100 10-100 10-100