Schelling fh8 Wood Panel Saw


Schelling’s fh8 machine construction and impressive motorization masterfully processes a wide variety of timber materials precisely and productively.

Whether large or small batch production, the sophisticated fh8 runs smoothly thanks to the most modern programming and automation.

45Hp (32 kW) engine power
Manually supported or fully automatic sorting and stacking devices
Designed according to customer request, adapted to the space available
The most diverse feeding systems for optimal material supply
Cut to 5.75″ (146 mm) maximum material thickness
Optimized material flow via the quickest path through the plant
Dual or triple infeed carriage to the crosscut saw for optimized production cycles
Graphically supported operation and online diagnostics
Optimization program especially calibrated for the plant
Parts tracking, labeling and versatile logistics specials
Individually configured handling or packaging system

Lift table with separate push-off carriage for efficient infeed
DUPLUS2 feeder
Turning device or turntable for head cuts enables optimal material usage
Vacuum infeed
HPO cutting plan optimization
XBoB offcut management