Nederman VAC 20


A VAC unit is the right choice for high vacuum extraction of welding fumes, dust from sanding and grinding operations and general clean up applications. VAC systems, a cost effective solution for better working environment, is based on a powerful vacuum unit, a modular design dust collector and a modern control unit/starter. A VAC unit is the perfect extraction source when a large number of working stations require dust extraction and when you need a flexible solution matching an expanding production. VAC units are available in several sizes. many extraction points can be in operation at the same time, served by one single unit. If you need more extraction points, any capacity can be achieved by parallel connection of two or more units. VAC units are protected from overload by a flow restrictor. VAC units are designed for use in modern systems with automatic vacuum valves. This means that the air flow can vary rapidly from max flow to zero. The power consumption adapts to the present need. The VAC unit comes to a complete stop when not used, thanks to the automatic start/stop function (option).

Easy to install
Low noise level
Low operating cost

Application Dust, Granulate, Grit, Fumes, Chip
Capacity (max airflow cfm) VAC 20-1500, 1500 at 20 kPa VAC 20-2500, 2500 at 20 kPa VAC 20-3000, 3000 at 19 kPa VAC 20-4000, 4000 at 16,5 kPa
Certifications CE
Installation Outdoor, Indoor
Frequency (Hz) 60
No of phases 3