General 10-715 Portable Downdraft Table


The model 10-715 portable downdraft table helps reduce the problem of airborne dust in the shop caused by hand or portable power sanding of smaller workpieces, by capturing the dust right at the source. The 35 1/2 x 18 ½ inch table offers plenty of room for all small to medium sized hand sanding projects and by simply connecting a 4-inch dust hose from your shop dust collection system to the dust port on the 10-715 you have the ability to draw the dust away as it is being generated on your bench top. Features include internal baffles for stable maximum capacity airflow, rubber grommets on the table surface to protect your work piece and 6 adjustable stops to secure your work piece to the table. The sturdy steel frame and lightweight design allows for easy storage and portability.

*Subject to Prior to Sale

Price: $189 Subject to Prior Sale