Evans Midwest 4270 Laminating Rack


The 4270 Laminate Rack is the perfect accessory for the 4253 Index Table. It is capable of handling up to 80 sheets of 5’ x 12’ standard grade laminate or 1600 lbs of collated backer and laminate. The tilting arms provide a safe and sensible alternative to handling your laminate. The 4270 is sold as a retrofit for the 4243 and 4253 Index Tables so it can be added to your existing table any time. Save time and money with a 4270 Laminate Rack today!

Capacity: 80 sheets 5’ X 12’ of Standard Grade Laminate
Dual Level Storage Area
Machine Length: 135”
Machine Width: 85”
Machine Height: 60”
Electrical: N/A
Air Requirement: 100 PSI