CR Onsrud Wide Pro-Series


What happens when you need a larger cutting envelope than standard? C.R. Onsrud starts with our Pro Series moving gantry CNC and injects some “umph.” The thick-wall steel base construction of the Wide Pro Series is specially engineered, adding internal steel reinforcements to the table and base – allowing for rigid stability during larger material cutting applications. We’ve left nothing to chance and started by designing this CNC platform to handle the extreme weight of large blocks of raw non-ferrous metal, or the oversized tooling/fixturing needed for machining composite materials or nested sheet metal parts. The Custom Pro then incorporates our top-rail design technology of the Pro Series – thus the combination of short, stout, one-piece steel vertical columns delivers more rigidity and generates greater leverage over the bridge than side rail designs found in this CNC class. The end-result is an impressive CNC machining platform delivering higher precision for handling the largest workpieces, the heaviest materials (and tooling), with all the unique automation and material handling options C.R. Onsrud offers. This provides the best possible cost per table size relationship available on the market today today. With our Custom Pro, you have the ability to stack cut aluminum skins or the large, thick assemblies produced by RV, marine, and aircraft manufacturers without blinking an eye.

MODEL NUMBER 6-Series 8-Series 10-Series 12-Series
Number of Axes 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4
Table Size ** ** ** **
Z Clearance 14″ 14″ 14″ 14″
X-Axis Travel ** ** ** **
Y-Axis Travel 89” 114” 137″ 161″
Z-Axis Travel 11” 11” 11” 11”
Approx. Footprint ** ** ** **
Machining Speed 2500 ipm 2500 ipm 2500 ipm 2500 ipm
X & Y Rapid Traverse 3500 ipm 3500 ipm 3500 ipm 3500 ipm
Standard Spindle 18HP 24,000 rpm 18HP 24,000 rpm 18HP 24,000 rpm 18HP 24,000 rpm
Tool Shank HSK 63F HSK 63F HSK 63F HSK 63F
Standard Tool Capacity 12 12 12 12
Standard Vacuum Zones ** ** ** **