CR Onsrud 97M12 4×8 “Mate Series” CNC Router


Serial # 097?140202
Vintage 2014
440 Volt electrics

Dual supported gantry driven on both sides with servo motors and drives.
Control system comes standard with full 3D capability (multi-axis interpolation)
High flow vacuum zone.
9 inches of Z stroke.
4×8 Flow through spoil board.
Precision linear motion systems on all axes.
Onsrud Universal High Flow Vacuum Table System for flow-through spoil boards and dedicated fixtures.
12HP spindle – 24000 rpm fully programmable, variable speed, reversible, capable of routing & drilling.
Integrated dust transition system – Integrated dust extraction hood.
Standard manual greased lubrication.

10 Tool – Fixed Rack ATC – Rack style tool changer quickly changes between 10 different tools.
HSK-63 Standard Tool Holders – 1” collet capacity with chuck nut.

Note: There may be some variances in the above features.

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