Cefla Prima One-arm oscillating spray machine


One-arm oscillating spray machine, ideal for companies seeking cost-effectiveness, excellent flexibility and productivity. User-friendly and reliable with low operating cost and initial investment. Perfect for fast colour changes and small production batches.

The new-concept central spraying arm gives excellent application performances combined with paint saving. Particularly easy manual spray gun opening access to simplify maintenance. Prima is also ideal for glass finishing. In this configuration, the machine is equipped with a special spraying arm and the most flexible system for spraying on glass, since it is able to apply any type of paint.

Suction is through two-stage dry filters, an economical, efficient system. The large filtering surface area guarantees better air distribution, which translates into uniform finishing and a cleaner machine.

The paper conveyor system, with automatic pay-off and take-up system, features a vacuum unit which provides all the benefits of a continuous conveyor: immaculate panel underside cleaning and uniform application on edges and face of workpieces. Paper rollers are located at the entry and exit points to aid fast changing.

Electric control panel with PLC and machine control software, controlled by a 12.1″ colour touch screen.

SPRAYING ARMS: 1 arm for paint application or 1 arm for application on glass.