Cefla iGiotto Anthropomorphic robot for vertical lines


iGiotto is a complete coating system that consists of a high-performance anthropomorphic robot, specially designed to coat large-sized objects. iGiotto represents the state-of-the-art in automated coating of door and window fixtures, but it can also be used for coating any kind of object with a complex shape and/or materials other than wood. iGiotto offers today’s manufacturers all the versatility they need.

iGiotto can be equipped with a 2D scanner or the next-generation 3D C-Vision scanner. The 2D system allows measurement of the thickness as well as the longitudinal and vertical angle of the workpiece so that the most suitable coating program can be selected. This system guarantees uniform application of the coating product over the item. C-Vision is the next-generation 3D automatic reading system for acquisition of the positioning, dimensions and shapes of incoming workpieces, with a degree of precision previously unthinkable. The combined action of the laser and ultra high-resolution cameras allows iGiotto to generate precise spraying trajectories entirely automatically, based on product “families” stored in its database.

Thanks to the “In-line spraying” function, workpieces can be coated while moving along the line. In the case of particularly complex workpieces, iGiotto can slow down or automatically stop the load in order to complete the work. This system delivers unbeatable productivity and flexibility.

Thanks to the robotic arm in fully insulated material, iGiotto spraying can be combined with a direct-charge electrostatic system. This allows greater transfer efficiency plus significant savings in coating product, in addition to less wear on the filters of the dry spray booth.

iGiotto is equipped with a nozzle cleaning station designed for automatic flushing of the spray guns prior to a colour change.

iGiotto is equipped with sophisticated management software which enables programming of all the dedicated coating cycles (colour and recipe), managing a production schedule for each load and differentiating every single workpiece.

iGiotto is available in versions with 1 or 2 robots (iGiotto DUO). iGiotto DUO is the coating line comprised of a pair of opposing iGiotto robots, designed for coating the front and back of fixtures in separate booths. This configuration maximises productivity, which can even be doubled.