The Q Series, or “QUBE” as we call it, was developed for companies seeking 5-axis high-speed trimming and machining of advanced materials used in the aerospace, automotive, defense, marine, and pattern shop industries. This fully enclosed CNC machining solution gives users a large work volume for machining molds, prototypes, and complex composite or thermoformed plastic parts while containing debris and isolating the operator from the machining zone and airborne particles. The design of this CNC machining center allows for various methods of work holding such as mechanical hold down and vacuum. Accommodation for oversized parts is achieved via removable side panels. Contact your C.R. Onsrud sales representative to see how this American made CNC machine can

4-Pole, reversible, 24,000 RPM high torque spindle

HSK-63F spindle taper and tool holders, with 1 inch (25mm) collet capacity

Over 48 inches of Z-Axis clearance & 40 inches of Z-Axis stroke standard

Finite element analysis used extensively in the engineering process

Thermal heat treated, stress relieved, & normalized one-piece steel machine base

Open table design can be configured with dedicated fixtures, vacuum table, or T-Slot tables

Compact design saves valuable shop floor space

Wide retractable enclosure doors to contain debris but allow easy access

Fanuc CNC Controller with Integrated Touch Screen HMI

Easy Network Integration

Full 3D capability, helical interpolation, and simultanious 5-Axis motion standard

And many more options or accessories

Number of Axes 5
Table Size 60” X 144”
Z Clearance 39″
X-Axis Travel 160”
Y-Axis Travel 63”
Z-Axis Travel 41″
Approx. Footprint 22′ X 12′
Machining Speed 2000 ipm
X & Y Rapid Traverse 2000 ipm
Standard Spindle 12HP 20,000 rpm
Tool Shank HSK 63F
Standard Tool Capacity 6
Standard Vacuum Zones 2